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Hello, I was wondering what graph card would you recomend me? asus ... gainward and so on... i can't make up my mind on which one to get
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  1. in that range i would look on an ati 5770
  2. i did consider that too...but i like nvidia more... :D
  3. well if you do want to stick with the gtx 260 i might be a little bias and say get an evga i personally have an evga gtx 275 ftw which has been an awesome card, and usually you'll get a free game from evga, i think right now it's cryostasis, and you get alot of awesome software, such as evga's precision which allows you to overclock your gpu by moving a slider, and that's it done, overclocked. but even with my love for evga, it's hard to recommend this gtx 260 because it costs almost as much as my 275 for the win which was pretty heavily overclocked at 738 core, 1651 shaders, and 2566 memory, So in all honesty you would be better off with ati 5770 or you could wait for the 5830, or the new fermi chips to come out
  4. actually just looked at the prices on newegg, and if you want to go nvidia, you might as well just go with a 275 because they're only like 10 bucks more expensive
  5. it's not my decision... my father decided on 260... i just wanted to know which brand is the best...
  6. and i forgot to mention... i want a 896 mb card
  7. ohh ok well if your father's paying for definitely go with an evga and try to get superclocked or ftw. Superclocked is slightly overclocked, and ftw is heavily overclocked all these models are 896 mb
  8. ok... thx
  9. but.. what do you think about MSI ? or gainward ... one is on 55 nm and the other is on 65... and are they both on 216 ? if so shouldn't i get the one with 55?
  10. You DEFINITELY want to get the core 216. Follow up to from newegg to the manufacturers link if not sure. Mention to your DaD the pricing situation, and that right now the GTX275 can be had for a few bucks more. Heres a article where a lot of Nvidia and ATI cards from various vendors were tested against each other.
    The GTX 260 holds it own very well.,2473-7.html

  11. I've only had experience with EVGA, so I'm a little biased when I say go with them. If not them, BFG, XFX, and ASUS usually have good products(or so I understand)
  12. EVGA, XFX or BFG are awesome for sure, all with lifetime warranties. However, the GTX 260 Super Overclock from Gigabyte is kinda unique in that it delivers GTX 275 performance from a GTX 260. They also offer a 275 Super Overclock, which performs like a 285.

    Make sure you get the 55nm, core 216 model. It runs cooler, and is more powerful than the older 65nm model.
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