8800 GT G92 sli with 8800 GTS G92

Can you SLI a 8800 GT G92 with a 8800 GTS G92?
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums :)
    No you can't because the cards have to be the same
  2. Yeah I figured, I just thought it may be possible because the two cards have the same chipset and memory size.

  3. No aside from not-being equal they have different specs too,8800GT has 112 StreamProcessors whereas 8800GTS 512 has 128
  4. oh I see I see, thanks for the reply
  5. The two cores are the same except one cluster is disabled but either than that the primary reason why SLI with these wont work is due to the driver. The two cards must have the same ID chain in order to work. Nvidia did this to prevent people from putting one cheap card in sli with one mid range or high part while still getting a FPS increase. Again sli can only work with cards that have the same core.
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