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So, im new to AMD and am curious as to how well, if any, of the AMD based chipsets handle being in SLI. I know there are two boards that are SLI compatible based on blatant marketing info. But, have any of the consumers here succesfully dropped some dual Nvidia fun into an AM3 Board. My prospective idea is to toss together a build that would have a GTX 460 in it now and eventually SLI it together.
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  1. I have heard of AMD boards having SLi, and i have seen it in action (9800GT x2) - but as far as GTX 460's, I've yet to see it in person lol.
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    Dual GTX 460's will perform the same on AMD as they would on Intel. The difference you may see will between the CPU strength differences and the better Intel chipset versus the Nvidia chipset. Nvidia's chipsets have always been known to be a little buggy.
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