I need help figuring out why that is so sloooow. I just put this computer together. Internet is fast. The connection is not the greatest and that is the only thing I can think of that would be slowing this down.

I'd really like to be playing this tonight :(
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  1. google speakeasy speed test.

    Now run it.

    Now see if your speed is as fast as would be expected and if it is, then either their server sucks or it's using a hidden torrent protocol like WoW does. And there's nothing you can do about it. (besides opening ports if it is the torrent thing, and they tell you which ones.)
  2. .54 Mbps is the download speed
  3. Thats was with the install going on. It should be higher at idle right?
  4. Is it possible to pause the download and then run the test? With that speed you should be getting 75 KBps. When I had a 1.5 Mbps connection it would go at 230 KBps
  5. No pause. I will just let this finish. Then run it again before I download/install anything else.

    I'll post the Mpbs later tonight..
  6. Ok.

    What's the network like? Are you wired in or what?
  7. Wireless. Idle = 1.33Mbps
  8. I think it had to do with the connection and the background stuff I was doing. It started running fine after I i closed everything. Constant 150-160 kB/s now.

    Wireless was having quite a bit of trouble at that time.
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