AMD 955 BE

I am thinking about buying this CPU, but I have been hearing reports of overheating. I do not plan to do any overclocking to it until I buy a new high performance heatsink fan. Will I have problems with the stock cooler, even without overclcoking?
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  1. overheating??? i currently am using this beast and it doesnt have any problems with overheating.

    the only problem with this compared to the rest of the cpu's out there is that it runs a bit hotter. i would say mid to high 30c idle with stock HS. its an awsome performing cpu =) GET IT
  2. Get it, if you have good airflow you won 't have a problem. 52C max @3.7GHz here, using a Hyper 212+ (about 30 dollars).
  3. It is a very good CPU. People who complain about overheating is due to poor airflow in their case.

    You won't have any problems with the stock cooler... It is enough to keep the processor cool at stock speeds :)
  4. It shouldn't overheat at stock settings unless you have a high ambient temperature with crappy air flow, or perhaps just bad airflow and big GPU dumping heat inside your case.
  5. most gpu's today have vents that pull the exhaust air to the back anyways.
  6. Overheating?

    I have the X4 955 and the only problem that I had was when I try to get the 4GHz with the stock cooler :) jeje.

    Don't believe that, the X4 955 run an a good temp with the stock cooler, around 38C on idle and 43 in load. Also this temps depends of the airflow of the case.
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