Ok Patriot SE or Corsair GT

hi, been tryin to decide for days now wich would be the better drive for performance mainly the 60gb patriot SE (second eddition) or the 60gb Corsair GT both are sata3
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  1. Tom's did an article on 60 GB drives... If i remember correctly, the results were: Samsung 830 is the best perfomance wise... the Crucial brand drives were a close second and the sandforce drives all finished very close, and in third place (thats every other manufacturer out there.
  2. samsung on a good number of benchmarks looked alful compared to others i thought?
    what might i be missing here?

    onto a different question according to this page here,3137-8.html is it safe to assume that if one could afford the 90gb Corsair GT that the 90gb drive would be alot faster? or just a little?
  3. Just a little,3139-6.html
    Rule of thumb though is to get the biggest drive you can afford.
  4. im not sure i understand that rule of thumb because since we save most of our stuff onto a mechanicle drive anyways 60 or 90 is sufficiant. i dont play many video games so i kinda just want the fastest sst im stuck between corsair 90gb GT 60gb Patriot SE or 60gb Mushkin delux wich has toggle nand, however i think i might of read somewhere that toggle nand has less lanes or somthin if that where true then a 60gb mushkin would take a big performance hit
  5. Part of that rule of thumb is that up to the 240/256GB size, bigger is faster.

    A 120/128GB drive will be faster than a 60/64GB drive of the same model.
    A 240/256GB will be faster than a 120/128GB drive of the same model.

    Has to do with saturating the data lanes.
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    If you notice when looking at the spec's of a SSD that the performance (read/write) (Iops) is always listed as "up to" and that means you will get up to those read/write speeds and not neccesarily those exact speeds/performance and that's because there are other factors involved. Cpu , ram and motherboard , everybodys Pc is just a little different and therefore the performance results will be just a little different for everybody. I have used Corsair SSD'S and not Patriot so my choice would be the Corsair 90gb. Reason being that even though you say you don't play games the extra space will come in handy on a SSD and you won't have to be as diligent at managing the open capacity of the SSD.
    When looking at all of the SSD's that are available you really can't go wrong with any of them as the actual performance is close enough that you won't notice much of a difference. You will notice a difference between sata2 and sata3 and you will notice a difference between a ssd and a mechanical hard drive. You might not notice much between sata3 SSD's except there could be a difference between the top tier and the bottom tier. So then it comes down to size vs price , sales and rebates.
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  8. should i wait till the new ocz vertex 4 comes out?
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