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Please help me choose a right graphic card for my XPS 720 H2C computer. Make sense to spend $650 on HD 5970 or get something chipper. I play games and direct X11 should be a nice option. Maybe wait for new Nvidia?

Dell XPS 720 H2C QX6800
Windows 7 Professional 64bit
Corsair Dominator DDR2 8GB SDRAM 1066MHz
GeForce 8800GT 500MB
1KW Power Supply
Samsung 305T 30 in. Monitor
Samsung SyncMaster 305T 30-inch LCD Monitor
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    well @ 2560x1600 the processor shouldnt bottleneck too much and if you want you could always overclock it a little. if you have the money then go for it :)
  2. Thank you for info. I was worry about processor and like you said I can overclock it if I need but so far I run it without passing 50% of processor power. Now I limited to video card (big monitor is very demanding). HD5870 looks pretty fast and HD5970 is hard to get at list for now. I spend a lot of money on my PC and I hope to keep it for next two years. What I don't want to do is to update a video card and not gaining much because "bottleneck".
    Nvidia should have something soon I am Nvidia fan but they are behind so we see.
  3. The processor should be ok. OCing would be better but I don't believe Dell systems allow for such.
    Basically it depends on what you want to spend. Your resolution is very high so an HD5970 may be warranted. Just look at benchmarks and decide what performance is acceptable to you at what price. For the HD5850 and HD5870 keep in mind both cards OC very well if you are willing to bump up the voltage(over 1ghz.)
  4. running a 5870 on a Q6600 @ 3.6 and it is screaming along nicely, but that is on a 22-inch monitor with 1650 x 1280 res...
  5. Tank you all. You are much better than Dell support.
  6. Spike_xps720 said:
    Tank you all. You are much better than Dell support.

    i lol'd.
  7. Spike_xps720 said:
    Tank you all. You are much better than Dell support.

    LOL, my Dog is better that Dell support.
  8. I am sure if your dog barks we can understand him better than somebody from far, far away. LOL!!!
  9. I ordered XFX HD-597A-CNF9 ATI HD 5970 (black edition) because this card can be easly OC (if review is correct). Later I can install it in new computer if this will make sense. Looks like Nvidia lost another fan.
  10. good call, a brilliant card.

    yes, overclocking it is very simple. a simple voltage boost (very simple, done with included software) and you can bump the core and memory clocks up to 5870 level. basically giving you two crossfire 5870's.

    beast of a card, i kind of regret not getting one myself when i had the cash.
  11. excellent choice, have fun with your new graphics card :)
  12. If my wife knows how much I paid for it… I will run faster than this card. But love hurts, right?
    Card is good for sure but I hope that drivers will work in Windows 7 64bit system too.
  13. ha, good luck with that.

    and yeah, 64bit should not be an issue.
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  15. I am back. Finally I purchased Gigabyte HD 5970 video card and I need your help one more time. Card has one 6-pin and one 8-pin plug. My power supply has only 6-pin connectors (I have 3 unused) and some 4 pin connectors. My question is how to connect those cables to 8 pin. Card was shipped with some molex adapters (one convert 2X 4-pin to 8-pin and other 2X 4-pin to 6-pin. Like I said before my power supply is ATX 2.0, EPS 12v I think Antec 1000W model.
    What I did so far: I connected one 6-pin cable to card and using 2X 4-pin to 8-pin adapter connected to 8-pin in the card. Card work but when I start to play after one or two minutes computer shot down itself and I can turn it on without problems but shout down again without any messages. I tried different games but with same result.
    I think the power connection is wrong or driver is corrupted. I had before Nvidia driver and I uninstalled it than after installation of driver from CD I downloaded 10.3 ATI Catalyst driver for windows7 64-bit. Maybe I should use driver sweeper Guru 3d (I saw this comment on internet).
    Please help me one more time whit this problem. I hope you understand what I want to say.
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