Mother board question,Please help :)

I recently got a (ECS Alhena5 1.0).It's not a very good motherboard for gaming.I am buying some more ram.Question is...What graphics card is compatible with this motherboard?
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More about mother board question please
  1. The motherboard has a PCIe X16 slot, so any current PCIe slot card will work. You will see a slight bottleneck with a PCIe x16 but mostly in benchmarks.
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  3. I dont know what any of that means.I dont mean to be annoying,but can you be a little specific? lol,Thanks :)
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    Any PCIe graphics card is compatible with the motherboard. The latest graphics cards available are the ATI 5 series and Nvidia 4 series. For example ATI Radeon 5770 is compatible. Or Radeon 5750. Nvidia 460 is compatible for example.
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  6. Thank you,That was very helpful.
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