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I recently purchased a Sapphire 5850 - and am completely in love, thus far. I have read that in order to utilize 3 monitors at the same time, I will need to use 2 DVI ports and an Active Displayport adapter (or Displayport-capable display) for the third monitor.

Does anyone know if I can just use both DVI ports, and one of the DVI ports with a dual-link DVI splitter cable?

Thanks all -
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  1. Im not sure if you can use a splitter but if you could im sure you would be limiting your maximum screen resolution. If you are trying to avoid spending $100 on a DP to HDMI/DVI you could get a DP to VGA for only $25 as another alternative.
  2. I've not experience it myself, as I'm still running an 4870, but as far as I've read, you cannot use 3 displays unless you use the DisplayPort. Paperfox is right on the money thought with the $25 DP-VGA adapter.
  3. Awesome - I'll try the Egg product! Always happen to give more business to the Egg!

    Thanks for the help - I'll have to let ya'll know how it works. I read the reviews on Egg right before posting this response, and it appears (according to reviews of fellow Radeon 5000 Series owners, that the adapter PaperFox referenced will indeed work for my 3 monitors. Thanks a ton!
  4. As long as it's an "active" adapter. Of course, the one paperfox points out is such an adapter.
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