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Any point to overclock this?

With a Intel G860 processor, an XFX 7850 2GB video card and 8GB RAM, the weak spot of my system would obviously be the CPU. Would I gain a performance boost in most games from OC'ing the 7850, as the CPU would probably bottleneck it? Would the performance boost be worth even doing it?
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    Overclocking the 7850? I thought that was part of the ownership for having one of those cards?! But I wouldn't worry too aweful much about that G860, that's a tough little chip. It won't be bottling that 7850 too much for sure. Just research what you're doing before you do it so you know what you're doing when you DO do it. Don't want to burn your card up, that's for sure.
  2. Yeah, absolutely. I just keep feeling like my G860 is gonna bottleneck the card.. though I've had a quite a few people tell me it won't. I'll definitely make sure I know what I'm doing before I do it though. The reason I've got a G860 is simply budget, so if I do end up frying my 7850 I basically have no gaming anymore for awhile. Thanks though.
  3. Yeah, that's the thing about overclocking. Being careful and researching first about your specific hardware. My pair of GTX550Ti's are the Asus DirectCU II version for the simple reason they have excellent coolers on them. Before the 3xx.xx drivers I was easily holding a 1050Mhz overclock on both GPU's without temperatures breaking 63C. That was stock voltage and a custom fan profile, and to top it off that's from 910mhz. Quite the gain for a SLi setup.

    As for the G860, all of those Pentium chips like that, and even the i3's are some of the toughest chips I've ever seen. I don't think it's possible to kill an i3/Pentium CPU anymore LOL They might not be the fastest out of the crowd, but they definitely are high performance for their price.
  4. Wow. That's a rather impressive gain. I'm also quite satisfied with the performance of the G860 for the price. The cheaper yet still high performance chips make gaming rigs on budgets like mine just that much better. With the added performance of the 7850 OC'd I'm hoping to be quite satisfied with my build in.. 9 days. (overjoyed excitement countdown)
  5. On my evga gtx 660 sc I OCed the gpu by 50Mhz and the ram from 6,000Mhz to 7,000Mhz and stays under 72c.
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