Do they make larger than 2GB Ram sticks for DDR2?

I've done a little researching but all I've come up with are the DDR3 versions, was wondering if they even make higher capacity ram sticks for DDR2 considering? Any help appreciated.
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  2. Also check your motherboard manual what type of memory is compatible with your unit.
  3. well this is also kind of a pet project, I'm a tech student I just do stuff like this as a hobby. wanting to just start building really powerful machines, would loading 16GB of ram into a single tower be noticably better than lets say... 8GB? which is typically more than I see anyways, usually 6 is the max I come across from personal people owning machines for gaming, etc. but is there like an area of ram where even the more than average user wouldn't notice the difference or it is the more the merrier all day?
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