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2500k if it matters.
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  1. Noctua NH D-14
  2. I believe the Phanteks PH-TC14PE is the king of air cooling (or one of them)....

    Take a look at this:

    and these:

    and this here is the price of the cooler:
  3. Depends on your budget, some air coolers can be 30$ others can be 80$.
  4. best bang for you money goes to the hyper 212 line of coolers,for the best of the best air coolers, socialfox has it
  5. My personal opinion would be Cooler Master Hyper 212 £24.99/$24.71 from Amazon
  6. Your question is tooooo wide.

    Best in what?

    1) Performance?
    2) Price?
    3) Size?
    4) Price/performance?

    For all those options you can find a very good option, so, limit your question and do it again.

    What case do you have? What RAM do you have? What budget do you have?
  7. Thermaltake Silver Arrow in some tests out performs the DH-14.
  8. mazty said:
    Thermaltake Silver Arrow in some tests out performs the DH-14.

    Thermaltake doesn't manufacture the Silver Arrow, that cooler is made by Thermalright...
  9. The best... You would be looking at the Phankteks PC-TC14PE, Thermalright Silver Arrow Extreme Edition, and the Noctua NH-D14, from best to not so good in that order.

    P.S. Someone reply back if it isn't right.
  10. Yup, phanteks is supposedly the best assuming you will be overclocking, and for what reason would you need cooling if not for overclocking.

    But a sidenote, the phanteks are pretty fantabulously blinging huge so take their (159 mm x 171 mm x 140 mm) dimensions into consideration.
  11. I just purchased a Xigmatek Dark Knight for $21.00 at a local store. Works as well as the Hyper 212 with one fan but you can't mount a second fan. No problem for me.
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