Urgraded and now..

Started out with:
acer aspire x3200 slim tower pc from best buy. came stock with:

4gb ddr2 800 ram
phenom 2.1ghz x3 toliman
220w psu :o
nforce4? nbridge

i upgraded case to antec 300 :D , got a new antec 550w psu :D , and installed a sapphire vapor X 5750 :D . Everything runs really cool, nothing ever hits 50c even under load. been able to play games with high settings, but in left for dead 2 i only get around 30 with maxed settings. even if i change the settings to low, med, high, AA off or on. I dont understand? could the x3 be bottle necking the cpu? Or does my problem lie in the cheap acer motherboard? I saw a guy on youtube with a really fast c2d getting 100ish frames in the same game with the same card. Trying to keep the stock mobo if possible to avoid windows problems, though. Also wondering if an am3 socket would just drop into this motherboard.

any advice greatly appreciated. :bounce:
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  1. get a phenom II processor and then see your framerates fly high
  2. The phenom x3 could definitely be the bottleneck. A quick test to see if the CPU is bottle-necking your system is to download ATI-overdrive, and just do some light OCing of your CPU and see what happens to the framerates. If they start to jump, then you are CPU limited. IF they don't change much, you are more limited by GPU. I don't know much about the old phenom x3 OC headroom, but I'd imagine you can get at least a couple hundred MHz out of it. An AM3 socket CPU WILL fit in an AM2+ motherboard as well- no problems. It is probably worth jumping to an AM3 Phenom II or Athlon II in any case, as they will drastically improve even your normal windows performance.
  3. amd overdrive doesn't work, im assuming because of the add nforce nb. anyways, put lfd2 in window mode, and my CPU usage hovers at 60-70%. Im assuming that answers my question.. haha, thanks for the reply. am thinkin about upgrading. lots of usefull info. do you guys think that the old cheapo motherboard will be my next cap point?
  4. The old Phenoms are sloooow.
    I had one.
    Thought it would be a beast but it just didn't have enough steam
    You'd be much better off even with an Athlon IIx2 250 at this point
  5. the phenom II x3 isn't a bottleneck at all even an Athlon II x2 240 isn't a bottleneck for a 550

    the problem is u have the old phenom processors they suck and belong in the trash

    the phenom II x3 will allow the 5750 to reach out and use its great graphics capabiliites
  6. the mobo shouldn't be a problem right now
  7. Your motherboard shouldn't be too much of an issue unless you start bottlenecking on PCI-E lanes or something of that sort. Drop a new chip in there and it should help significantly.
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