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I am using a computer from the brand Antec.
It had a normal Windows XP Home Edition with working sound drivers on it. The sound was working fine, but i now installed Windows XP Professional 2009, and no sound is playing...Dont know what to do really!

I did some sort of scan but it also says that no speakers were found, and im pretty damn sure theyre plugged in correctly.

I found out about AC97 audio drivers, and i installed that. But the PC restarts itself before it finishes, and says the PC has restarted cuzz of a major threat for the system( i guess AC97 is a threat??)

If someone can tell me what to do, or even give me the link to a audio driver that WORKS for me, i will be very thankful!

if you can email me i will apriciate it!

Thank you, have a nice day.
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  1. Antec is the Case manufacturer, you need to know the motherboard make and model to find the right drivers.

    you could try this one for the AC97
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