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Just recieved a Samsung 2494HM and the screen is tinted blue. I have installed all the software that came with it and updated all the drivers. All the basic settings I have tried adjusting (gamma, brightness, contrast) seem to make it worse if adjusted. Would appreciate any insight.
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  1. When I hear this i think of the video cable not being perfectly in place. Usually its the VGA cable, they cant take being twisted at the connector side very much. If you push on or move the cable around (carefully) and the screen bounces between good and blue-ish then thats the problem. Its a good idea to turn the monitor OFF anytime you disconnect or especially reconnect it to the PC; then take the connector fully OFF at each end one at a time, then push it back on as much as it will go, then use the screws to lock it down, then power back on and try again.

    sometimes trying a different monitor will work because of the VGA cable being intermittent and you think OH its the monitor but it wasnt.
  2. Using DVI to DVI but I tried removing and reinserting as well as trying some slight adjustments with no effect.
  3. is there a colour temp setting in the OSD

    the monitor may just need a bit of tuning
  4. There is a black level setting but it says it is not available. The other settings change the coloring up a little but none even come close to fixing the issue.
  5. Go into your video card drivers and manually change color temperature up to 6500K
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