Major software issues with antec kuhler 920

Hi all,

I didn't know whether to put this in here of air cooling as its a bit of both (not proper water cooling).

however i recently installed antec kuhler 920, fans fire up logo lights up white, the software (chill control) is causing me problems, windows doesn't detect new hardware its not listed in device manager under other etc. etc. i have trawled through other forums and found this seems to be quite common lol. its plugged in USB 2 port (correctly) ive downloaded antecs V1.0 V1.2 and obviously tried the CD V1.2 to no avail. i really have no idea what to do. chill control wont open just says cannot connect to chill device no USB detected blah blah.

has anyone come across this and successfully fixed it? or heard of a solution, ive spent hours trying to sort it, its not hardware as the logo lights up so there's obviously signal from USB to cooler.

any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. did you drop antec support a call? Since corsair ask you specifically to contact them in the event of an issue, when you first pop open the box and you see a red *warning* pamphlet.
  2. Hi Lutfij, thanks for reply, i submitted a ticket at the weekend so hopefully should hear something by tomorrow. just wandering if anyone had any experience with this issue.
  3. reviewers say the software works fine out of the box...I can't say much as I own an H50. Owning one made me realize either getting the real thing is better i.e: real custom watercooling or getting a cheap air cooler like a CM Hyper 212 performs on par with the closed loop coolers.

    Hope you get some news about your unit. BTW post back when you get news.
  4. yeah will do thanks for feedback, i must admit in the instructions it says install software THEN do all the installing, which obviously I didn't do I just swapped it all over then installed software which i think is what's made it complicated now. my issue though is that's a bloody joke lol maybe years ago when there were lots of compatibility issues but surely it shouldn't matter in this day and age, also if your doing a new build your buggered before you start lol.
  5. the other major flaw is having the rad/fan setup as intake - this will most definitely mean dumping the cpu heat back int case, otherwise as corsair also states, the cooler won't perform optimally. So all this cash to hinder your other components -> and suddenly a high performance cooler isn't high performance when you flip one(or 2) fans? :heink:

    ^marketing BS IMHO.
  6. lol i agree, most of what manufacturers say is just marketing BS. Antec did actually show in the instructions to have airflow exhaust so that's one good point lol. I am going to invest in a proper water cooled system on my next build whether i do it myself or not is another thing ;), cant be dealing with leaks.
  7. Everyone can drive a car, just because you're afraid of driving one would mean you having to take the cab to work everyday :D so read up on the info in the watercooling sticky, build your knowledge base and then swing for the parts. Afterwards, patiently build your loop :) -> this ain't like problem solving :D
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