I have taken apart a A55 Toshiba as far as I can without removing the Motherboard. I can't see the stupid
battery for the Eprom/CMOS chip. Someone said to short the chip with a screwdriver as I power it up but
I can't see the sence in that. My computer can't see a Hard Drive at all and I checked the header which is
soldered right to the board and no broken connections. I get a PXE-E61 error check IDE Cable + tried 2
other drives that were good from other laptops. I already have about 15 hours trying to diagnose and
repair this for my nephew and his wife no luck.

Help; cmptrgeek02
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  1. have you enabled the hardrive in bios?
    When in bios does it show that you have 2 hardrives?
  2. I Don't know how to enable or disable, only know I included it in the boot sequence and that the BIOS does not recognize any HDD's. Is there some other place in the BIOS that allows you to enable and dissable because I looked and didn't see that option.

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