Gaming Notebook HELP PLEASE....

Hey Guys,

I have been looking for a notebook for a bit of gaming. Which one of the two would you go for? I ordered the Dell XPS 1645 with the ATI MobilityRadeon HD4670 1GB but they are having loads of problems so I am going to cancel it tomorrow and order one of these...

Which one would you go for and why?

Processor: Intel® Core i5 520 Processor
Operating system: Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium
Finishes: Brown
Hard drive: 500 GB Serial ATA (5400 rpm)
Memory: 4 GB 1066MHz DDR3-SDRAM
Graphics: ATI MobilityRadeon HD5650 1GB
Display: 39.4 cm LCD, 1920x1080, webcam
Optical Drive: Blu-ray Disc(TM) player


Processor: Intel® Core i7 720 Processor
Operating system: Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium
Finishes: Premium Black
Hard drive: 500 GB Serial ATA (7200 rpm)
Memory: 4 GB 1333MHz DDR3 SDRAM
Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 330M 1GB
Optical Drive: Blu-ray Disc(TM) player
Display: 41.6 cm LCD, 1920x1080, webcam
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  1. The 5650 is the better GPU--and that should be what's most important in a gaming laptop.
    Check this out for reference

    If you want other suggestions from what you listed you would need to indicate price/retailers.
  2. The 5650 is better by far.
  3. Argg, do you have other options?

    There are some nicer laptops out there for gaming that are reasonable.

    For the options you've picked the first is better, but it's annoying having the lack of a quad for some games (although not all games use more than 2 threads).

    Personally my choice will be a core i7 820 and at least the HD5650, but preferably more than that since it's not really in the right range to push 1920x1080 properly for most games, so you may want to check into pixel scaling for performance where 960x540 is a 4:1 scale and should still look ok-crisp without interpolation.
  4. The two notebooks are the Sony E series is with ATI 5650 and costs 950 pounds. the other one is the Sony F Series Nvidia 330m GT and coasts 1200 pounds. Do you have any other suggestions? 16.4" is the biggest screen I would go and must be 1080 res.
  5. You guys are more than welcome to give me more options the only thing is that I can't go over the 1200 pound mark....
  6. Oof, UK, pricing will likely require some help from UK memers of the Laptop section;

    I can't remember but I think either Frozenlead or LostandWandering is from the UK (hard to remember while working).

    But I have little doubt there are good sellers of Sager & Clevo based system in the UK that can ge you more than those Sonys for the same price or less.
  7. or what about this one? I have it on order but was going to cancel it tomorrow or should I go ahead with it:

    CPU: Intel® Core™ i7 Processor 720
    Microsoft Operating System: Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium 64bit- Eng
    LCD:16" (inch) Truelife 1080p Full HD RGLED Edge to Edge
    Memory: 4096MB 1333MHz Dual Channel DDR3 SDRAM [2x2048]
    Hard Drive: 500GB (7,200rpm) Free Fall Sensor Hard Drive
    Video Card:1GB ATI® Radeon™ HD 4670 graphics card
  8. It is the Dell XPS 1645. Sorry forgot to put that in...
  9. Unfortunately the HD4670 is still the thing holding that back.

    It's a nice laptop and all (especially the screen), but the GPU needs a bit more Ooomph.

    Bare minimum balance would be the Corei5 and HD5670 you had above, but like I said I'd prefer a bit more on both, although a corei7 and HD5670 would be a better starting point I wish would become the new 'standard' for people like DELL.
  10. The site i referenced in my first post is Euro-centric. They have reviews of the best gaming laptops, etc.

    Check out the desktop replacement section-- they have some good reviews of gaming laptops. I suggest you take a closer look at Asus models--they are usually very high quality.

    Generally the Sony brand isn't price competitive. They act a little bit like Apple in their pricing-- you pay a premium for style and convenience instead of performance.
  11. 1200 pounds~1900 USD right?
    If you could live with a 17.3 inch screen and if you can find it on a store that ships to you than this has a mobile 5870 and the 720qm for 1000 pounds according to my currency conversions.
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