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i connected my sub woofer with 4 tallboy speaker to my cpu 3.5mm speaker out.the sound is great when i'm using monitor,volume up also no problem.but when i plug the vga socket to 40inch hdtv the speaker sound become distortion when volume is 40% and up.First i thought is the vga socket,cause one is 14pin ,the other is 15pin.Same problem occured when i connected to my net book.any sollution,Thank
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  1. I would try another VGA cable; that one might not be shielded properly.

    Also, just to be clear, have you tried the sound with the HDTV on but not connected to the PC? The HDTV might be emitting too much interference.
  2. yes i have tried everything you had said;all are ok and i have tested using another monitor,sound is also good, except VGA socket connected to HDTV.causing sound distortion should be the 3.5 mm jack cable,what other problem do you think the VGA can cause sound distortion,or maybe my hdtv vga faulty.Now i'm waiting for my VGA to RCA cable from ebay,if i connect to RCA input of HDTV,no sound distortion,most likely my vga host of HDTV is causing the problem.i'll let you know when test later on.THANK
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