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I am just about to order my GTX 670 watercooling equpiment.

I have them in SLI and just wanted to double check if this bridge: EK-FC Bridge, Dual, Parallell CSQ 3-slot; will fit with the spacing between my cards on the Sabertooth Z77 motherboard. I meassured the PCI-E slots to be about 6cm (60mm) apart, is this correct and will it fit?

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  1. you should keep your thoughts on one thread, after-all its the same issue, isn't it? EK has the installation manual on their site...or on frozencpu. Could check out with them before ofc.
  2. Hi,

    Yes ofcourse I should, I guess I just got to excited :P anyways, sorry for that!

    And i know about those sites and I measured my mobo pci e slots on the z77 sabertooth and the spacing was just about 6,9 cm as i says on this site;

    I guess its ok then ?

    And thanks again, you rock!

  3. Similar thread.

    Please continue the discussion on this one:

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