I need suggestion for video card upgrade

i'm looking to buy a knew video card under 200$ , i own a geforce 8600gs 512 mb what do you recommend, my pc is a amd phenom 9500 quad with 4 gig ram,
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  1. The best choice under $200 is the HD5770 imo. It should be a large upgrade over your current card and is DX11 compatible;
  2. Could also wait for the HD5830, though this will most likely be priced at $200-240.
  3. What is your monitor's native resolution?
  4. jyjjy said:
    What is your monitor's native resolution?

    samsung multisync 2253bw
  5. Consider also the size and quality of your PSU. If it's a decent 500W model, it will run a HD5770. If it is a chokemax (has"max in its name but isn't Enermax, or has a little voltage switch on it), it is not to be trusted for more than 75% of its label, so you might be limited to a HD5670.
  6. Yeah, the HD5770 should be very good for that resolution.
  7. What's your PSU brand ?
  8. clement4413 said:
    What's your PSU brand ?

    my pc is a acer aspire m5100 phenom quad the specs for the power supply is 250 watt only
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    Yeah, that's a problem. On that PSU the best card I would be sure about recommending is an HD5570 but perhaps an HD5670 would be ok. For a card better than that you will need to upgrade the power supply. A 400w PSU of a quality brand should be good for the HD5770.
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