Wondering why I bought a PT6 deluxe

I built 2 new machines this last month. I bought the least expensive ASUS boards I could find and was really happy with these cheap boards. I used a i3 H55D and a i5 P55D. Both these little machines scream and the boards were just above 100 Bucks. In my machine I have a PT6 deluxe, which was over 300. Other than SLI, I don't see the point in buying these more expensive boards. Performance of these new boards seem pretty kick ass. Quality appears the same. What are you paying more for? really?
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  1. More ports,expansion,SLI/Crossfire, special bios options.

    That's about it. Most of us don't need a 300$ board to be happy.
  2. yup yup - and some boards allow more OC, have higher native memory clock support, offer for technical support (warranty xP), nice colors and heatsink designs lol.

    Which is something i always aim for. I'm picky when it comes to motherboards - i have "minimum requirements" that a board has to meet or its out of the picture. I do alot of OC'ing, Gaming, and every now and then benchmarking. x)

    But if you don't do much of anything like that - well then you probably don't need an expensive board. Much like a car. You just need something that gets you from point A to point B - but you have those people who like to have an Audi, or a Mercedes. Maybe a Ferrari? xD
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