Suggestion for Radiator Ugrade to 280mm

whats up guys and girls !

please see below here for my 1st water cooling.
I would like some suggestion on my PC water cooling built if you got any, thanks.
My other concern is, could anyone let me know if I really need to upgrade my 2x120 top mount
to a BlackIce Stealth GT280 "2x140mm" radiator for better temps and performance ?

my CPU, i7 3770K is clocked at 4.5 gigs and GPU is at stock clocked "non SC or FTW series ONLY GTX670"

system built:
Asus P8z77 - VPRO
i7 3770k
eVGA 670
Corsair Dominator Platinum Series 8 gigs @ 1866 9-10-9-24
PSU Corsair AX850
SSD 128 by Samsung 830 **Hidden on the other side panel/Taped with double sided Velcro
SSD 256 by Samsung 830 **Hidden on the other side panel/Taped with double sided Velcro
NO mechanical HDD installed, ONLY a 2TB by Western Digital as an external USB 3.0 for junk files like Pic, Music, & Movies

Corsair 650D

please see below here for my 1st water cooling.

With window side panel *** no UV or Light installed ***

Complete view from inside without the sidepanel
200mm rad in front
240mm rad top mount
Drain port installed at the front of the 200mm *it can be rotate
XSPC CPU block for i7 3770k @ 4.5 gigs
XSPC GPU full block with Back Plate for GTX670 *non SC or FTW version
ONE Single XSPC D5 waterpump w/speed control *set @ lvl 5

**Rear 120mm not really using

Closer look at the front of the 200mm rad, Phoebia rad with 180mm Silverstone Air Penatrator version

Closer look at the CPU block
Do you guys think I should reposition the block ? it is now installed from IN on top and OUT from the bottom

Closer look at the GPU block with BackPlate

NOW, this is the top 240 rad
Should I upgrade to a 280 rad for better performance ? 140 x 2
I am looking at the BlackIce GT stealth 280, it is very slim and will fit nicely on top without touching Mobo heatsink.
when full load in gaming, my GPU and CPU does not go over 60 degrees Celcius.
GPU at idle is at 25 to 30 degrees celcius
CPU at idle is at 30 to 35 degrees celcius

Using Lamptron FC5 version 2, 4ch fan controller
the Fan 1 is at 0 rpm because was not turn on at the time
the Celcius Degree on the bottom of Fan 1 is monitoring the Resevoir Tank
I will look into monitoring temps for GPU and CPU or Ambient from inside of case at a later time.
** i am currently monitoring my GPU and CPU temps from the OS 3rd party application like the Precision X etc.. etc..
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  1. suggestions?
    1| its already built - but its good looking though.
    2| that air penetrater is good when you have it blowing through the rad in push not in pull, as the receiving end is not passing the love to the rad.
    3| rear fan is a corsair stock fan, swap it out with a noiseblocker NB silent frame
    4| how are the SP's? might want to look into the swiftech helix's cheap and are designed for rad like the Scythe GT AP-15.
    5| fan controller can be modded to swap the colors, via jumpers located at the back of fan controller :) if you didn't know -> actually its cyan so that's why I'm suggesting you change the color.
    6| cable management is really needed.
  2. Lutfij, Thanks for your suggestions

    Could you or anyone clear me a little on the suggestions # 2 ?
    I will look into the 180mm to push as pull, thanks.
    So, best way is not to have my end loop returning back to the reservoir ?

    this is my configuration on my loop:

    from Reservoir OUT to Pump
    Pump OUT to 200mm Rad
    200mm Rad out to CPU IN
    CPU OUT to 240mm Rad IN
    240mm Rad OUT to GPU IN
    GPU OUT back to the Reservoir

    Lutfij, do you have any other best way for performance ?
    or do anyone have any other way I could reconfigure my loop ?
    please let me know, thanks so much for you time.

    I will also look into the # 3 and # 4 from Lutfij suggestions.

    and for #5, I like my controller color in white.

    thanks again.
  3. the color of your fan controller looks like its cyan, not white. Anyways thas corrected in the photography dept

    the thing I meant about the front fan is that its a good rad fan but you need to have the fan push air through the radiator fins, you'll see better temps that way.

    loop order is fine, you don't need to touch it.
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