Unable to view backup files

I recently restored my system using PC Angel System Recovery.

It gave me the option to fully restore my system with a backup.

After the restoration was complete, I tried accessing the backup files. However, when I tried accessing the main folder where I kept most of my personal files, it gives me a "Access Denied" message.

It appears to be empty, but when I checked the total disk space available, most of it is used by the backup folder. However, if you do the math there is something missing in the list:

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  1. Because it is a new installation, you are running under different windows credentials. Fine the My Documents folder, right click, go to security and advanced. Take ownership of the object and set the security permissions so that your current user has access to the files. See if that works.
  2. I tried to do that, but I only see this option:

    After that, I only get this:

  3. By the way, I'm running Windows XP Home Edition SP3
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    Go to the customize tab, do you have the option to change security settings there?
  5. I found the solution to this problem. I had to go into "safe mode" to view the security tab. I quickly found that I was not the owner for the files and changed the permissions for the folder.
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