Win7 system font error

After Microsoft updates my system font is now looking like 'graphics'. It is only circles, different kind lines, cubes, corners, triangles, x-marks and so on. Win7 works alright but it is almost imposiible to use that because Internet explorer has also changed it's font unredable.
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  1. Use Western 8859-1
  2. He, How Can I change it? The font is now unreadable. Can I use cmd.exe = terminal, it is working...
  3. Try to go to the system restore to undo that.
  4. I found the solution. I had to go to C:\windows\fonts and install the arial.ttf again. That strange font that have cubes, lines and so on is marlett.ttf. Thanks everyone especially to pages!
  5. There u go tervori : ) That's the best way to fix it, by yourself!
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