PSU/Case size question

Will this PSU:

Antec CP-850 850W

fit in this case:

Antec 300

with room enough for a standard ATX motherboard?
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    "Exclusively for 1200/P183/P193
    Unique power supply construction compatible with many new Antec cases"

    You will need to get a Power Supply that has ATX in the title or description. If you would like to keep it 850W, check out the Corsair Power Supplies, they're beefy and reliable.
  2. What are all your components 850 watt is a pretty big power supply and is probably overkill.
  3. Will it fit if I switch to a micro-ATX motherboard?
  4. tom thumb said:
    Will it fit if I switch to a micro-ATX motherboard?

    Hi Tom Thumb,

    The CP-850 will not fit in an Antec 300 regardless of what the motherboard size is. The CP-850 like CFTait has mention is made exclusively for Antec 1200/P183/P193.

    I would recommend getting another power supply, maybe a TP-750 from newegg.

    TP-750 - $90 After Rebate

    TP-750 w/blue led fan - $120

  5. Actually, I'd rather change the case then the PSU as I haven't bought either yet.

    Here's another question, will that PSU fit in a CM 690 mkII?

    (btw thanks for your help guys)
  6. The PSU fits in 5 Antec cases (1200, P183, P193, DF-30, DF-85), no others. And you can't but the DF series yet.

    This is what you want .... though price just jumped $30 on 1st one since yesterday.
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