5750 or 5770???

Should I get the 5750 or the 5770. i know its about a $50 price difference so i wanna know if itd be worth it to get the 5770. im not sure if its the 5870 or 5770 that DOESNT have dx11 support but im pretty sure its the 5870. Which one is better bang for your buck card. i know they are both equal for future proofing cause they both have dx11. does one have more errors than the other? does one get hotter than the other? pls any help would be appreciated. Thx :bounce:
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    All 5000 series cards have DX11.

    First you start talking about the 5750 and the 5770, then you start talking about the 5870... getting lost in that part of the sentence. Was the 5870 a typo?

    Anyway the 5850 has the best bang for the buck out of all the high end cards vs the 5870 and 5970.

    As for 5770 vs 5750 it would be worth the extra money if you have the screen resolution to help back it up.
  2. ya sorri im out of it, that helps thanks
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