Upgrading Old System or Buy New?

A little back ground info...

I have enjoyed computer gaming ever since I played Diablo 1 and 2 and am well aware that it is on the horizon. I also enjoyed Starcraft 1 and will enjoy Starcraft 2 soon. I play WOW. I also use my computer for trading stocks and stock trading programs. I used to utilize double monitors, but found a huge lag in performance.

I bought my current RIG in 2006 or so from Dell (I didn't know much about pc gaming or buying then) and it was adequate for the moment. But then I began to explore the various pursuits I do now: online gaming, videos, music, multi-media, trading, dual+ monitors. I realize all of this is not much compared to most pc enthusiasts, but I mention it with the hopes of someone directing me properly as to what I should do.

After buying the dell and getting into trading and online gaming, I realized it was not sufficient, so I sunk $1200 into the following:

- new mother board
- athalon amd quad core phenom processor, 2.3ghz
- ati radeon 4850 video card, 1gb onboard ram
- killer m1 nic
- creative soundblaster xfi sound card
- 22" monitor
- 4 gb ram

- windows xp, 32 bit
- avast anti virus
- spydoctor


It runs like junk now. Very sluggish. Terribly slow. Awful at gaming. It has never seemingly matched up to what I thought the value sunk in was. When I think of my graphics card and processor, I expect a fluid gaming experience, however it is anything but. Even my work PC, utilizing dual monitors, an intel chipset, and an nvidia graphics card, comes out far and away SMOOTHER.

What gives?



1. Upgrade my current pc
- Put in Windows 7
- Reformat computer, offload data to external drive, start new

2. Buy new/have built a gaming/media rig, use old pc components for server or to load up new pc.


My tech buddy suggests just starting over and buying off Tigerdirect/Newegg something with the i7 chips and windows 7 64 bit, etc. He also theorizes it could be a virus in it. I was wondering if there was a conflict from the get-go, because it never quite ran well.

I learned from this experience.

Ultimately, I want to play a better WOW experience, prepare for Diablo 3 and St2, as well as other games. i'd like to use dual monitors WITHOUT killing gaming performance. I expect to plunk down 1k-2k, but if I could go cheaper that would be great.

Any input would be very much appreciated.

Thank you,

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  1. If you don't want to spend too much, you might be able to get away with a cpu and gpu upgrade (depending on your mobo and psu), but I do agree with your friend, it sounds like you could have a virus, or at least OS bugs and/or driver conflicts.

    If you have money to spend, and you want to spend it, you could get a core i7 rig with an HD 5870 (or maybe a pair).
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