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Dear community members,

I just wanted to draw some attention on a new producer of RAM modules and SSD storages. It's Mach Xtremetechnology and they have some great features with their products such as lifetime warranty (with OC'ing) and San Max chips on RAMs. I do not have any experience with the SSDs but my Black Diamond DDR1333 are terrific. I can run them on ddr1600 7-7-7-24 2T without having to fear a BSOD (ran prime95 and memtest+ for 24h).

here are some reviews. sadly, only few exist.

It seems that the ddr1600 series are less capable than the cheaper, less impressive looking and lower stock-clocked, ddr1333 Black Diamond.

I wonder whether one could trust these results and I would like to ask you, the community, if someone else has made experience with this brand.

Thanks for the discussion,

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  1. Generally, I am pretty cautious about being a 'Guinea pig' with new company products unless they offer something compelling.

    Looking at the heat spreaders I would easily conclude that the MX-Tech Black are poor at heat dispersion. Worst, since they are NOT available at Newegg, TigerDirect, or then they have no chance. Also, I don't have any idea how much they cost?? I too wish CAS alone was the whole story, but it is not - see the Benchmarks below - it shows CAS 9 out performing a CAS 7 RAM ; another important part is the RAM IC.

    Corsair Dominator:

    MX-Tech Black

    Benchmarks CAS 9 beating CAS 7:

  2. Well yeah, latencies aren't all that matters. I paid 89 euro for 2x2GB ddr3 cl7. cl9 is 70-80 euro. I could get a pair of OCZ for that price, but I have bad experience with that brand. the other choices are kingston value or buffalo, dolphin, apacer in that price category... The heat spreaders aren't what you need if you want to max clocks and latencies, but contrary to what this one review stated, they have nice contact with the chips. there is a block of metal connecting the chips to the heat spreader. Caseking offers these RAM, mainly present on german market. A pair of ddr3 1600 cl7 cost 139 euro.
  3. everest ultimate RAM test for black diamond cl7 ddr3 1333:

    write: 6756 MB/s
    read: 8416 MB/s
    copy: 10028 MB/s
    latency: 51.6 ns

    @ stock (7-7-7-20, rest auto adjujavascript:%20validform(this);st) clock @ 667MHz on AsRock 890fx deluxe3, phenomII x4 955BE, 1gig of RAM loaded under windows7 64bit (av services and IES)

    if someone wants to know...
  4. My favorites are, in order, Corsair, G.SKILL, Mushkin & Kington - Crucial for budget RAM. However, I do not like ALL models of the favorite (4). I OC my RAM so temperature is a concern 'for myself.'

    I only know the USA, Canada, and some UK brands...
  5. But do you know if one of these established brands uses San Max chips?
  6. They use ALL SORTS of IC, except Crucial it's owned by Micron. You have to look at the specs to know what RAM model uses what IC.

    The Corsair TR3X6G1600C8D as I recall uses Elpida. So, if I'm correct then I like Elpida.
  7. ^ Ahhh.... no one has bought up the actual manufacturers names in a LONG while. Remember those awesome Micron D9? The good o'l days.
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