About time!!!

Hope they're as good as the previous versions of their Silencer series PSU's!!!

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  1. Sweet!
  2. Nice to know!

    I don't like OCZ name before PC P&C :(
  3. shubham1401 said:
    Nice to know!

    I don't like OCZ name before PC P&C :(

    I agree, but since it is the silencer series, these should be top-notch. OCZ can make good PSU's, lets just hope they didn't flake out and ruin the PC Power & Cooling Silencer name...
  4. I hope they are as good as the original Silencer psu's. The original models were built by Seasonic for PC Power & Cooling. The originals were some of the best power supplies available.

    BTW - Neither PC Power & Cooling nor OCZ ever built their own power supplies. Other companies built the psu's for them.
  5. jonpaul37 said:
    OCZ can make good PSU's, ...

    One of the OCZ lines is pretty good. The others are ... excessively average.

    I am too old to remember which is which, so I do not recommend OCZ PSU's.
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