Can I use a regular 'house fan' to keep my computer cool?

I'm not sure exactly where this would go since I just joined.

But I just took apart my entire tower-unplugged cords, took the heat sink off to clean it out.
Under it I found this 'goo ' that seemed to be bad so I wiped it off. Then after getting online on my iPad, it says that it was thermal paste, and needed.

I'm not sure if my neighbor that knows about computers has any, and if he doesn't I will have to order some via the website and have it shipped here, and that could take several days.

Is it possible to use an external fan (like a box fan) aimed at the open side? It's cold here took so would that help? (I don't have a heater either).

Or if I have to wait until Wednesday when I get the cash, is there something using materials I have at home I could use? I heard pennies, but not how they would be used, and tin/aluminum fol too, but as a temp fix.

This solution would need to last about two weeks.

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  1. Short Answer: No
  2. None of this will work! It will all destroy you PC by cpu overheating. You will have to wait for the thermal past.
  3. I've read a few replies from this site, and others saying that it could work, and some have done it for up to a year. I need my computer for Christmas present making (patterns for stuff I'm making are on there, using them on my iPad is not a workable option).
  4. Go to radioshack, they usually carry some TIM in the misc. electronics spot for about five bucks. It's not good stuff, but it will work.

    Those methods you listed will not work. The problem is that the heat has to be transferred to the heatsink. Using another surface like a penny will hinder it even worse and that processor will fry as soon as you power it on. I've seen it happen before. A Processor without a heatsink (which is closely comparable to having no thermal paste) literally burnt itself up within seconds of hitting the power button.
  5. There is a heat sink with the little fan on it. I just wiped off most of the thermal paste that was on there.
  6. Exactly, just because you place it on the processor doesn't mean it will transfer the heat properly to that heatsink. That is what thermal paste is made for. It helps the heatsink transfer heat from the CPU to itself. Without it; the processor will eventually fry because of the inability to transfer heat away from itself fast enough. There is no replacement for it; and you have to have it. Like I said, find a radio shack, best buy, microcenter, or even some Staples/Officemax stores carry thermal paste. If you need your computer now, it's going to be the fastest remedy that will actually work and save you from a dead CPU.
  7. Pretty much the only option I have is seeing if my mom will let me use her debit card to order some and I pay her when I get the money Wednesday. Walmart has it, and the website says it could be at the store as soon as the 19th
  8. If that's your only option; then I say go with it. Just don't use that system until you do get some thermal paste on it. And before you apply any of it, learn how to properly apply it. It doesn't take a ton of the paste to work but putting too much can be a big problem as well.
  9. Well, neighbor doesn't have any. There's a radio shack a few towns over that he said might have it, but it would be a better bet to order it from the Walmart site and have it shipped to the store.
  10. Just call the different stores I listed and ask if they carry any thermal paste. It's usually cheap (less than $10).
  11. The closest store that does carry ît for sure is over 70 miles away, and I rarely go there anymore. Maybe once a month?
  12. You don't live close to any computer/electronics/office stores? I'd be calling those. Maybe even a local computer repair shop?
  13. There's maybe one local shop that's still open according to google. The neighbor I asked said that the closest place that may have some is about 30 miles away, and I know Staples 79 miles away would have it.

    My town is really small, maybe 600 people, tops.
  14. That does bite for sure. I used to live in a town of 400, it was a 30 mile drive so I feel your pain.
    Could that possibly work? If it could, I can call the radio shack a few towns over to see if they carry it. My mom likes to use my computer for Facebook and email, so she's going to want it too.
  16. That's the cheap stuff I was talking about. It's not "great" but it will work.
  17. You can get thermal paste at Radio Shack, Best Buy, CompUSA, Staples, all sorts of places. Where do you live?
  18. Little town called Grannis,, AR.
    I could get the 'cheap stuff'...about how long would one application work? And should I use the fan mentioned in addition to the paste just in case? Instead of what I was going to get for my birthday (which happens to be the 30th), maybe I could ask for some of the Artic Silver-that's the really good stuff, right ?
  19. You have a radio shack within 20 miles of you, two of them in fact. A lot of radio shacks carry decent thermal paste. Or you could drive to Texarkana to best buy or staples and get some Antec Formula 7 for $15. It's better than AS5 and you could have it today or tomorrow. Check out the local RadioShack and get the best stuff they have, unless you don't mind driving an hour to get the good stuff.
  20. Application will last years AS 5 is not great imo , overpriced as well . Good stuff is TIM Tronics 4200 $5.00 tube is good for many applications .
  21. Texarkana is out of the question I bet. It's too far away for my mom to bother driving me, and would cost a lot in gas. My iPad wont load the store locator page correctly...could you please post the information here?
  22. Wait, google told me. I never knew there was a radio shack in DeQueen...I guess since I never had a need to look for it, I never really saw it. Going there would be no issue I think.
  23. Well, a neighbor said the one in dequeen is out of business now. Mena is next option
  24. Any thermal paste/compound will suffice. I doubt you're doing any overclocking or torture testing so as long as it's made for a processor, it will do just fine. Just find somewhere to get it, go grab it and you'll be up and running in no time.
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