Which SSD should i buy for the MSI GT783r?

Hello,im getting the MSI GT783r and i heard SSDs makes the system faster and gives extra storage(not sure) i have no idea about SSDs much.Any help will be appreciated/
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  1. An SSD will give you a quicker system, but provides very little in the way of added storage space and should not be used for storage -- just the OS, commonly used programs, and frequently used data if you have enough SSD space.

    It seems that notebook has the option of getting 120gb Intel SSD along with a 500 or 750gb HDD for storage and lesser used programs/games. IMO it is worth getting an SSD.
  2. SSD are good for Loading Windows fast surfing,Photoshop,video editing, Some Video games, Running CAD stuff like that.... anything to do with Productivity.
  3. The biggest one that you can afford. Really. See this: http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/sata-6gbps-performance-sata-3gbps,3110-8.html

    If you can afford it, the SSD should be big enough for your OS and your programs. You can redirect My Everything to an HDD for storage.

    If you run apps such as Photoshop that do massive amounts of IO and caching, you might benefit from having enough space on the SSD for your scratch files or your entire project, but now we are talking big money.
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