Best Method transferring Win 7 system drive from 80GB SSD to 512GB SSD


I was wondering what would be a quick and pain free method to transfer my Windows 7 system from the 80GB SSD where it currently resides, to a new Samsung 830 512GB SSD drive.

I intend to remove the 80GB SSD from the system entirely and replace it as my C:\ boot drive with the new Samsung 830.

Norton Ghost came with the Samsung 830 and I would prefer to use that rather than have to pay for Acronis or something else.

I'm seeing many suggestions on moving from a HDD to a SSD, including warnings about cloning as compared to copying, misalignment and broken firmware.
I thought I would get a method from people who had done it before, instead of making costly and time consuming mistakes on my own.

I am comfortable with installing/removing hardware from the PC.

The machine has an Asus P7P55D motherboard. May not be important but it's an i7-860 processor.
Currently has an Intel X25 80GB SSD and a Western Digital 1TB HDD.

Thanks much for any help! :-)
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  1. The best way is to do a clean install but if not an option Norton Ghost is as good a solution as any!
  2. SSD to SSD by a complete image transfer should be safe. Use Ghost or any freeware clone utility. You will likely end up with your system on an 80 GB partition that you will have to expand.

    Congratulations on having a 512 GB SSD.
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