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Hi There All,
I am building my own Speaker Cabinets. I want to load 3 x 15",300 watt,8 ohm drivers into the one cabinet in a front loaded fashion with the frequency spectrum from 100Hz to 6Khz(ish). I have an active (external) cross-over so I have no need for an internal passive cross-over. I understand that if link the drivers in serial i will create 24ohms therefor making the amp work harder and lose power(watts).
I want to have the one cabinet out-putting 3 x 300 watts = 900 watts of power.
What device can i put inside the cabinet so my amp can output at 8ohms with 3 drivers linked?
Thanx in advance.
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  1. Hi Jase,
    Here is a website that caters to DIY speaker building community. very helpful people. http://www.partsexpress.com
    The device you'll probably need is some sort of choke coil-capacitor-resister (cross-over) set-up.
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