What's the point of the retention bracket on the bottom of the mobo?

My Corsair H60 came with a bracket that was supposed to mount on the bottom of the motherboard, I put it in, and mounted the rest, but the bottom mounted bracket fell off, but the cooler is still secure.

What's the purpose of the Bracket?
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  1. you didn't install it properly otherwise it's supposed to hold the entire cooling unit/chamber onto your mobo - and to answer your first question, the use of the bracket is to add support to the back of the mobo seeing how a cpu can cause a PCB to flex and usually result in an improper seating, leaving a slight bow, affecting temps negatively. The back plate gives a more even seating on the cpu contact patch.
  2. The 4 screws around the H60 block should screw into the bracket I believe...
  3. You're doing it wrong.
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