Can you guys help me "Overclock" my Cpu please =)

Hey guys. I just recently bought a CPU/Mobo/fan+heatsink from a very helpful guy off of (I know what you are thinking, everything actually works great!)

What I have is:
GEMIN S524 cooler (bigger than any cpu fan I have ever seen)

The guy who sold it to me told me that I could achieve 4.5ghz easily using the stock voltage but I can't get it to run stable at that. CPU temps stay at ~30c So I'm not sure its overheating... But then again I know absolutely nothing about the subject.

So what do you guys think? Where can I start? Is overclocking a science or is it just trial and error, boosting it at small increments and praying it works?

After the first shut down I figured I better ask you guys before I fry up something. ;)

Thanks guys!

EDIT: I forgot to mention that my MOBO has a feature built in called OC GENI 2. When It's used it only boosts me to 3.25 ghz but it runs stable. Is that considered the max I can go?
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  1. Considering that the stock clocks is 3.1Ghz, I have no idea how he could think that stock voltage will get you to 4.5ghz.
    Dont bother with easy overclock utilities. Not as good as doing it yourself.

    Basic overclocking method is to increase the CPU multiplier by 1, boot into Windows, run something like Prime95 to test for stability and monitor temperatures. If its stable and temperatures are good (how high will depend on your personal threshold, I don't let my components run above 70c. But you can safely run up to 90c on that chip), then back into the BIOS and up the multiplier again.
    Rinse and repeat until its unstable or temperatures are too high.

    If its unstable, then you have a choice. Increase the voltage to make it stable (increasing temps by a fair bit) or back off the overclock.

    Heres a tutorial on overclocking. Its on Intel Ivy Bridge chips, but the method is still the same.
  2. Ok I managed to get it to 4.2 with the stock voltage, however, the stock voltage is only known to me as <auto>.

    Do you happen to know what the stock voltage is for this CPU as a number so I can start increasing Voltage slowly from there? Thanks man
  3. Try to change it, should default to what it is.

    Stock voltage can actually vary between boards (even with the same chip), so its never exact.
  4. Ok that makes sense.

    I cant seem to be able to get back 4.3Ghz no matter what I set the CPU voltage too. It keeps turning off but the temps are low.

    My cpu meter tells me that my Voltage is 1.275 so it doesn't seem to be taking when I turn it up on the Mobo.

    Insufficent voltage could be the issue or possibly my PSU doesn't have enough power to push it? 700w is enough for this setup and a GTX 660 right (450w gfx card)?
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