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What's the best way to ground yourself while building a system and handling electrostatic sensitive parts? I work with circuit packs all the time at work and we wear grounding wrist straps that attach to specified grounding points, but what does someone building a system at home do? I know most people don't give it a second thought, but believe me it can cause failures and even a delayed (latent) failure. Any good tips for keeping your parts safe at home?
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  1. You said it. ESD cuff. Sometimes a pain in the ass, but entirely worth it.

    Between me and you, sometimes I just keep a hand on my case if I'm doing something quick in there. But, for a full build or anything serious, I cuff it. :)
  2. No problem bringing a wrist strap home from work, but what would I use for a grounding point at home?
  3. Connect it to the case,
    Youre right, i didnt give it much of a second thought putting together a build for a friend with a p925, gt240 and m4a77td all in a thermaltake soprana case i think it was and it worked completly fine from the moment i hit the power button :)
  4. I usually clip to the chassis inside, but any grounded metal will work.
  5. The case would still need to be grounded. I don't beleive it would be considered an effective ground. However, if the power supply was installed in the case and plugged in that might be a different story.

    I admit to not taking this precaution with pasts builds and upgrades, but I'm preparing to build a system that is costing a bit of $$$ and I want to make sure I have no problems.
  6. I have always left my PSU's off, yet plugged in. Maybe not the best idea, I don't honestly know, but I don't think I've ever had an ESD issue before.
  7. Rubber soled shoes on carpet would be a bad thing.

    Of course, you can always add a ground wire to this:

    I have never worn a strap in over 100 builds....wooden table, bare feet, tile floor (nuthin to build static) PSU plugged in and off.
  8. Yes power supply plugged in and definitely OFF. If you grounded yourself to the case after that I would imagine that would create and effective ground. I will go that route. Thanks for the discussion. :)
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