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So I've got a P35-DS3R (rev 1.0) Gigabyte motherboard, with an E6550 Intel processor in it. It's fairly easy to access the BIOS options and change the bus speed (stock 333). If I set it to 350, everything appears normal and the BIOS reflects this change bumping me up from 2.33mHz to 2.45mHz. I can save and exit and restart my computer as many times as I want and these setting persist. But when I enter Windows (7, 64-bit) and run coretemp or cpu-z the FSB remains at 333.

I'm running all my voltages on auto and have disabled most of the power management utilities my mother board offers. I just flashed the BIOS, and have reverted to default settings a number of times with no results.

I've got an enormous heat sink on my CPU and would really love to see this thing running a little faster, but I've got no idea what to do at this point. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Made sure the RAM was running at an acceptable speed and turned off EIST as well.
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