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Please people, I need your help...iI have a HP 6735S(4GB RAM,320GB HARD DISC,DUALCORE ATHLON 2.OGHC)
And it is broken, i have been to 30-40 servises and do nothing. I need a new mother board. My question for you is WHERE I can found it(I live in Bosnia and Hercegovina), and is there a way to upgrade My grafic card, from old 256MB to 512MB. Please help
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  1. Do you have any online stores that deliver? Upgrading a graphics card is relatively simple as long as you follow directions and get the right one.
  2. Installing a new motherboard into that case may be difficult. Prefabricated systems often use proprietary connectors, like the front panel (where the power/reset buttons are) to the motherboard. If your mobo is bad, you may find it easier to build your own system, or buy the parts and have someone build it for you. A distant alternative would be to consult online PC building companies, such as Cyber Power, to customize your own build. Using this method allows you to select the parts from their lists and have them installed by the same company.
  3. You sure, I type the Hp into Bing and I get a laptop. Those are almost impossible to replace except by the manufacterer.
  4. Yep, same here. I guess i should have looked into that before posting. The GPU for this laptop is a chipset integrated into the motherboard. If the GPU is giving your problems that can't be corrected via software (drivers/BIOS), then the way to replace it is to replace the mobo. OP, be extremely careful if you're planning on doing this yourself, as the mobo is connected to the LCD screen, which is very delicate and needs to be removed very slowly and carefully. Any damage to the ribbon that connects the screen to the mobo, could result in permanent loss of display.
  5. According to this forum, HP provides the service to replace the mobo. I can't comment on the reliability or availability of this service, but it's a start...
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