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Cooler Master TPC 812 & Elite 430 Case

Hello people, i'm new here and i'm looking for some help.

I built my rig like 2 weeks ago with an Ivy Bridge Core i5 3570. The thing is, I didn't know ivy bridge processors were hotter than the Sandy bridge ones when i bought it, i don't plan on doing any OC, that's why i bought the 3570 and not the K version, but still, whenever y play, my core temps go as high as 70C (using Aida64 for monitoring temps) and i find that to be just a little bit too warm for me, and i've been planning on buying an aftermarket cooler to replace the stock one.

I have an elite 430 black case, and on the Cooler Master website it says that the maximum compatibility for heatsinks is 163mm tall. I've been reading so many good reviews on the TPC 812 vapor chamber cooler that i want to buy that one, but the problem is that on Cooler Master's website, the specs say that it is 163.1mm tall.

Is that extra 0.1mm gonna definitely make the heatsink always touch the side panel (i'm worried 'cause it's like plastic on the transparent area and when the heatsink gets hot, it might damage the plastic)?

How good is the V8 compared to the newer TPC812? is any of those two gonna make the job easily?

And 1 more question: I've seen that the v8 comes with a potentiometer to manually control the fan speed, what do i have to do to let the motherboard control the fan speed automatically depending on the CPU temps?

Thank you very much, i know it's a lot to ask but i don't wanna make several threads.

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    Stock cooler is good enough.

    Remember, you won't be running at full load 24/7.

    If you really wanted a cooler, a good one would be the hyper 212 evo.
  2. Well, i'm gaming like 80% of the time, my pc is on from like 7:00 am to 10:00 pm when i'm on vacation, and from 1:00 pm to 10:00 pm when i'm not. Almost always gaming.

    Also, those 2 coolers i mentioned are available in my country, unfortunately the hyper 212 EVO version is not, only the 212+, which i hadn't thought about. Anyway, 1 question: is there any noticeable increase in cpu temps if you don't fill the gaps between the pipes and the heatsink on the 212+? i'll be using Artic mx-4 thermal paste btw.
  3. The 212+ is good regardless...

    Your system isn't fully loaded 24/7, it's going to be idling when you aren't gaming.
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