Graphics Card Broken?

Hey all,
I was wondering if anyone could help me identify a problem that has occured to my desktop pc (Dell XPS 420) about 1 month ago. I started it up one day and found the screen distorted and when it eventually got to the Windows desktop it had four columns of black and white with some colour across the screen. Here is some images of what happens on my monitor :

I am making an uneducated case guess that it is a 3d card problem as when I Run dxdiag the 3d card is not registered by windows.

I currently have a nvidea 8800 GT 512mb card ( ) and currently looking for a possible replacement. I visited a hardware shop in town and he said nvidea no longer manufacture these cards and recommended another he had. I turned him down and decided to do some research of my own and found an ATI card (Radeon 4850 HD) I am interested in and was wondering if any could advise wether it will do the job or not.

I am not very confident on computer hardware and this seemed very similar to the one I currently have so I would feel this would be easy to fit and place in my computer.

If anyone could share any light on any other problem there could be with the computer or have any recommendations would be great.



Dell XPS 420
Vista 32bit
Q6600 (2.40Ghz, 1066FSB) Quad Core
3 GB DDR2 RAM (800MHz)
375 W power supply
running currently ATI Radeon HD 3870 (512)-not very powerful for this game
PCIe x16 (graphics): 1 slot
Geforce 8800 GT
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  1. The power supply is the weak link in your setup as far as upgrades go. Dell uses a proprietary power supply units however the connectors are the same. You can try a custom unit from such brands as antec or enermax. Either than the psu there isn't much to worry about regarding your setup. The 4850 will be a monster upgrade over the 3870 and the failed 8800gt.
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