Mouse jerking, hardware problem?

I have only seen this problem on my system, but basically what happens is everything freezes for a split second and then resumes. What is seen to the user is the mouse is at one point, and then if you were in the process of moving your mouse, the mouse would jump to the other point after the freeze. So it's like jerky motion. Another symptom of this is the audio. In the same the mouse jerks, the audio will just freeze on that sound for a split second which is super annoying, and then continue. It wouldn't be a huge deal if it happened once in a blue moon, but once my computer is in that mode, it stays in that mode and happens just about every 1-2 seconds. I don't know why this happens as I haven't seen this problem on other CPUs I have owned or built. Some of my parts are:

abit ip35 pro mobo
asus silent eax1600xt vid card
3 gb ram (can't remember the type or brand right now)
2 x 250 GB seagate barracuda (raid 0)
in antec sonata ii case

When this first started happening, it happened with an older abit mobo and a different intel processor, less ram (maybe just 1 gb). Then when I upgraded a few years ago with the qx6850, abit ip35 pro, and another 1-2 gb of ram, the problem was still there.

Also, the problem happens from what I see as random. I do not have to open a specific program, but sometimes it just starts happening while I am running apps on my PC (i don't have a million things running when this happens). It seems like it happens more when my PC wakes up for sleep mode, or I open any application (Note: it can happen whether I open an application, or just start randomly happening, but seems more noticeable if I open an app). To "fix" the problem, I just restart it and it usually goes away. Sometimes I have to restart it twice (It can happen on first boot-up). I guess I've always been curious as to why this has happened on my system and some probable causes of failure if anyone had any ideas. Thanks!
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  1. Have you been using the same hard drives? Have you reformatted since your old setup?
  2. Yes, I have reformatted multiple times. The problem happens less when I have recently reformatted, but can happen with practically nothing installed.

    Same hard drives.
  3. Could be a driver conflict, In device manager identify your sound chip manufacturer and model and update driver if possible. For the mouse same thing applies, however it is sometimes easier with the mouse to select remove/uninstall in device manager then reboot and let the system reinstall a driver for the mouse.
  4. Had a similar problem with an USB mouse, turned out to need a BIOS update. Flashed the BIOS and have never had the problem again. You may want to check the motherboard manufacturer's web site.
  5. Well considering you've replaced everything but the HDs and PSU, is there any way you can swap?
  6. I was having similar symptoms. Tried Microsoft and Logitech USB mice - no improvement. Tried a Blue Tooth mouse - no improvement. Read this forum and began to suspect an IRQ conflict. Tried removing all peripherals and the computer worked properly. Finally isolated the problem to a USB hub I was using. The USB mouse was NOT using the hub but the hub was somehow interfering. When I removed the hub from the system, the jerkiness stopped. Hope this helps you! Good luck!
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