IDT Audio driver - line in socket not playing

My son's computer does not play an audio source connected to the line-in socket. It detects the cable but shows a question mark against it. Card works fine for internal audio source (e.g. itunes). Running under XP. Checking Windows audio shows that it recognises the presence of IDT and seems to reflect all the same settings. I've tried just about everything on the IDT control panel. Any suggestions?
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  1. what operating system?
    Have you checked that the input is indeed set as an input and not as an output for the HD audio? Line is is not muted in the audio panel? Not trying to use a microphone on the linein are you?

    Sorry if I'm going over things you've already checked but you didnt say so we need to start somewhere
  2. Thanks Popatim. No apology necessary - we could easily miss something basic.

    OS is XP. Definitely not muted. No microphone in use. We have tried the linein from an Xbox (the intended purpose) but also double-checked using ipod.
    I don't understand the question about checking that the input is not set as an output for the HD audio. Where would I find that setting?
  3. Try going into the sound settings, and for the line in device, enable "monitering" [Its usually an option; at least in Vista/7]. This forces the playback of all incoming audio to the output device as the audio comes in.
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