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Hey guys, before I RMA this thing I wanted to ask the community about the Corsair H80i.

Just bought this to go in a brand new build which is working awesome. So I had everything hooked up, went to install Windows 8 Pro 64 bit, all fans were quiet. Then when I go to download CorsairLink v2.2 + Firmware it dies on me. My case only had room for 1 fan to attach to the rad so the one 120mm supplied SP120 fan is now running full speed at all times, the LED light on the block is off and CorsairLink doesnt even recognize the cooler as a device. What gives? I've been reading forums all weekend and still nothing, firmware update won't fix this since I cant actually point to the H80i and install the firmware .s19 file because it says the H80i is not connected?!

Please anyone that has helpful insight on this issue it would be greatly appreciated, but I have a feeling I'll have to RMA and put my new build away for another week :(
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  1. I mean am I missing drivers or what?
  2. Hi!
    I had the same problem. The first thing that happened was that the pump was not starting up so the temperature of the processor went up. but after a reboot the cooler starts to work. But it was very noisy. Then windows filed to get contact with the USB cable. The solution was that I connected an ordinary USB cable to the H80i and the other end to an external laptop with Win 7. Now I was able to detect it. I manage to upgrade the firmware of H80i and the noise whet away.
    after this I reconnected it to the motherboard of my Win 8 machine and after removing the unidentified USB device and researched the system. The H80i was installed and was visible for the control program.
    But still I can hear a small noise in idle mode.
  3. Wow, so after firmware there's really no way for any USB headers on that particular motherboard to pick up on it unless you connect it via USB to another computer? Weird... man they really make it difficult to get this thing working properly. Either way, I'll give that shot tomorrow and see if it fixes my problem...
    Stupid question but did you plug up to an external laptop? Using the small link cable?

    Btw, thanks for your reply your name is awesome.
  4. Thanks!
    I used a standard USB cable that I had laying around at home.
    The name "Slekov Nukev" comes from a game that I developed on Sinclair Spectrum 48K ages ago. I wanted to name the character to some thing that sounded "English". But when I fired up the Spectrum some years ago and loaded (by tape) the game the name had a more "Russian" sound. But it is still an good name for an avatar.
  5. Did you install the proper USB drivers for your mobo on the clean install of windows? If it worked on another pc, either means the cable is defective or your USB controller was not working - did not have the proper drivers.. Great cooler BTW!
  6. Ok that may have been the problem, I searched high and low for drivers and I do actually have an unknown device in device manager, wasnt able to identify it. Could you guys point me to the direction I need to go to get those USB drivers for the Asrock Z77 Extreme 4. I was looking here: but I don't really see anything for the Extreme 4, or would those downloads work for me?
  7. Major derp moment there, I never even loaded the drivers for my Asrock board! Thank you for the very helpful and polite responses, I'll be sure to do that tonight and take that H80i out the box (yea I had it boxed up ready to send back) and try again. I'll post back with results if this fixed the problem, however it does seem like the firmware update is messing up alot of units.
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