Hard Drive DOA?

Greetings all.

I finally got my new computer build last night, but have been experiencing issues with my new HD.

When initially booting up the new system, I had my new Crucial M4 128GB plugged in for the windows 7 install.
After windows was successfully installed, I rebooted and plugged in my Seagate 1TB HD ( ).

The HD made about 10 "chirping" sounds when booting up, but the bios does not detect it at all. I tried different Sata ports on the mobo, but no-go.
In windows, it is not recognized in either Device Manager or Disk Management.

I disconnected it from my new build and tried to see if it would work with this computer, but the same thing occurs: Chirping sounds, but no recognition.

Is there a trick that I'm missing or something that may help...or is it a DOA dud? Any help is appreciated!
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    If it is not recognized by BIOS and correctly connected to power and data on an enabled controller then it is DOA!
  2. Thought so... :( Thanks!
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