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Replaced ram, computer acting weird

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October 15, 2010 6:58:56 PM

I recently decided to replace the ram in my computer with more, and better ram. I went from a single 1GB stick of PC3200 ram to two sticks of Dual Channel DDR 400 (PC 3200); each stick being 1GB. Now my computer won't recognize that the ram has changed and will sometimes not make it past bios post. Other times it hangs up on the windows load screen and one time I got all the way into windows to be faced by my computer completely re-installing the usb drivers and saying I had no sound card (which I do have one in.) IT also said I only have 1gb of ram at bios and within windows. How do I get it (the machine) to realize it has new ram and to start working?

The fact sheet on my motherboard says it supports DDR 400 Dual Channel Ram so I'm not sure what the issue is.

The new ram I bought:

the motherboard I have and use:

The old ram:

Please help me figure this out kind sir/ma'am!

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a b } Memory
October 15, 2010 9:29:34 PM

Several things...

1. Can you confirm, from the manufacturer's website or otherwise, that the 2x1GB kit is supported by your mobo?

2. Consult your mobo manual to ensure that you have the proper orientation (placement) of your sticks. Some mobos require | | _ _ or _ _ | |; while others may require | _ | _ or _ | _ |.

3. IF you have placed the RAM sticks in the proper orientation, test them one stick at a time.

4. Go to and download the .zip file containing an .iso file. Burn the .iso to cd. Put cd into computer. Restart computer. Test will start running automatically. This test is best done with one stick at a time, as the test will detect failures (errors), but will not tell you which stick is the bad one (if running test with multiple sticks).

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October 16, 2010 8:56:15 PM

The Ultra memory is the stuff I took out, I know it works. I cannot find any documentation on weather my new ram has been tested in my motherboard.

Also, my motherboard has only 2 slots, so there is no messing up there.

the mobo's web site states that I can use Dual Channel ram, it can be a max of 2GB and it can be at most at 400Mhz.

I'll try the mem test if I can get it to boot again. only huge problem is that its a pain in the butt to take the ram out as I have to remove every other part except for the processor...
a c 347 } Memory
October 16, 2010 10:21:15 PM

If you're satisfied it's compatible then test it with Memtest {D/L ISO/zip and create a CD/DVD & boot your PC} -