download ms office 2003 setup

how can i download ms office 2003
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  1. It is licensed software, you will have to purchase it. You will probably have a hard time finding such an old version office though.
  2. Penguintech

    You are correct. But...

    I'm running Office 2003 at home, and my company has chosen to stay at that level. Seriously, shortly after 2003 the versions started getting weird. XML that previous versions could not open, and that violated someone else's patent. The idiotic "ribbon" for controls. Don't let me get started on how half-a**ed the ribbon is.

    I even got it cheap: it's legitimate student and teacher edition, installable on up to three PCs in a household with a full-time student. Wonder what I will do when she graduates?

    Manoj kumal singh_84
    You will have to pay for it. Search online. I found an example: fctfs1.f: . I have no idea if that is a legitimate seller or not. Try this: , although this is US-oriented.
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