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I'm planning a new build and looking at storage now. I want to get a high performance smaller drive for OS and applications and then a large size storage drive. I'm currently looking at two WD HDD, but was curious about getting a SSD for my OS/App drive. I don't know anything about SSD so hoping for some advice about what are some quality drives I should look at. What are good brands? How big should I look for? Is there a difference in performance if I get larger SSD versus smaller?

Thanks for any help you can provide.
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    The performance difference isn't really based on the size, it has more to do with the controller/type of flash memory used. Different sizes of the same model type actually use different generations of the components. I have a 256GB crucial m4 and I love it, more than fast enough and ahs a good performance/size/price ration. I've also heard very good things about the samsung mentioned above but have no personal experience with it.
  2. Tom's Hardware just posted,3139.html which should give you some idea of what to get depending on your budget. Personally i like
  3. I would recommend the mentioned m4, The Samsung and the Chronos deluxe. The standard Chronos uses asynchronous nand so avoid that.
    Actually larger drives usually do mean faster speeds, but the 120GB drives are almost as fast as their 240GB counterparts.
    I find the 120GB to be a nice size for the OS, and the price per GB is pretty good too.
  4. you'll still be happy with the slowest SSD, even mine @ 60GB (smaller tech/speeds) is fast as hell i still have 30ish GB to spare after OS + apps
  5. After looking at prices I think I might go with a 120/128GB. I currently have only 74 for my OS/App drive and have survived with it so far (although it is getting pretty full).

    The Crucial M4 looks to have gotten great reviews and it's well priced so I'll take a look at that. As well as the performance page.
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