Hpw low can I set the CPU voltage on a 1090t ?

ot sure of the problem , maybe the board but it sets CPU V at 1.49 , sounds high , thought the AMD 1090t should be 1.45 or so . Is there any problem running it lower , like 1.3 , would the CPU temps go down with lower voltage ?
What should SB and NB voltages be , all this trying for a steady 3.9 ghz OC with the low temps
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  1. Temps depends of voltage that you use in your CPU, in that order...if you low the voltage of your CPU, the temps will down to, but keep in mind that you can't lower too much or can cause instability of the CPU.
  2. what is the voltage from the factory , my board tells me my cpu is getting 1.49v , that sounds way high , I thought the AMD chips ran at 1.42-1.43 , you think I have a bad board ? It's an MSI 97A G46 , ALso have an ASUS board ASUS M5A88-V EVO ATX , would this board be a better choice ?
  3. 1.49V is too high, the stock voltage should be around 1.3V or less...I'm using 1.325V for an overclocked 1090T at 3.8GHz on a Gigayte 890FXA-UD5
  4. must be a problem with the board , i try a cpu voltage under 1.40 and it crashes every 20 minutes . Canit be the board reporting wrong voltage ?
  5. I'm not sure, could it be, but I'd prefer change the motherboard since 1.5V for stock speed is on limit...
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