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hey guys

i have this old computer thats still kinda kick butt, but doesnt do well cuz of lack of ram, see, i bought mine 8 years ago, kept it in good condition, but problem is it only has 256mb of RAM! cant do much these days.

anyways my question is,

as of now, the stock memory is "RDRAM pc800-40"
my friend gave a set of 4 x 256 pc800-45

honestly i think one is slower than the other, but it should work on my computer right? if so, why wont my computer load? on the boot screen it detects 1 gig, but it tells me to turn it off, and put in back the previous set of memory.

anyways, if you guys have any idea to help me i'd be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Mixing RAM, in general is ok, but not recommended. You will get the total density (the GB amount), but you will have to operate the RAM at the slower speed; higher latency; and higher voltage of the set.

    Please post verbatim, what the message you are reading is. You could be seeing a checksum error because you increased the RAM density.
  2. well i am not mixing anything im just replacing the original 2, and filling up for 4 identical ones, just at Pc800-45, instead of 40's

    it says

    Remove the memory last added to your system.
    use only pc800-40 RDRAM for memory upgrades.
    press enter to shutdown

    hit f1 if you want to run setup
    hit f12 if you want to boot from network

    thanks again for the quick reply
  3. edit:
    it also has this:


    another edit: contacted gateway customer service. they gave me this link

    doesnt seem to show any reason why the set of RAM wouldnt work
  4. Memory density compatibility?
    I saw on the Support page, only mentioned PC600 or PC800, but it doesn't mention PC800-40 or PC800-45.
  5. well the stock ram is pc800-40. i dont know. could be memory density. I tried running setup, it wont load. so i just switched back to the old 256MB. if anybody has advice im all ears.
  6. With the orginal 256 MB installed, get into your BIOS and increase the DRAM voltage by .1, then shut down. Reinstall your PC800-40 replacements/upgrades. Also ensure that your mobo can support the total amount of RAM you're trying to install (that's what andrern2000 was trying to ask you.)
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